At 1:56 of “Roll the Bass,” one of the two released tracks off of Major Lazer‘s upcoming album Peace Is the Mission, I finally get the drop I needed in the first go round. Have you heard this amazing, amazing nugget? It’s been a couple of weeks since it came into my world and made me want to dance.

I had the pleasure of seeing Major Lazer (Diplo, Jillionaire, Walshy Fire) live once, Coachella 2013, the tour where this happened.

The one-of-a-kind sound, categorized on Major Lazer’s Facebook page as “Future Dancehall,” is a beautiful, full-body, ass-shaking, smile-making electronic-ish mix of reggae and moombahton.

The album drops June 1, and the only way you’ll see these crazies in the states this year is at Mad Decent Block Party. You down?



  1. It is a properly sick track, although it’s Lean On that’s really got stuck in my head. Both quite different from classic Major Lazer tracks, can’t wait to hear the whole album


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