A few years back during the kindling of my love for reggae, a friend of mine, now a San Diegan, introduced me to alternative reggae group, Iration.

Love was just a stage name,
Watched it as it became,
Something I could live without.
Then to my surprise, you opened my eyes,
I thought I was empty inside.
Now every time your near,
Stormy skies become clear,
Now there’s nowhere left to hide.

~Iration, “Falling”

I sway, eyes closed. I’m transported to a California beach, I feel relaxed, I’m happy in that way that has a bit of emotional pain (the good kind that makes you feel alive).


Iration’s band members grew up and met in Hawaii and later formed the group when they reconnected in California. Perhaps we have the Hawaii in them to thank for an unquestionably smooth sound, a unique blend of reggae, pop and rock. The band boasts three albums, namely Time Bomb (2010) and Automatic (2013), and three EPs. Their music, sometimes noted as “Sunshine Reggae,” has enjoyed many reggae chart-toppers.

Check their new music video for “Back Around” from Automatic.

My windows are down. But I’m not in California, or Hawaii, or Jamaica, though I can feel them all (and they feel magical). I’m in DC.

Join me at the 9:30 club this Saturday, April 25 to experience Iration in their “Tales from the Sea” tour with Stick Figure and Hours Eastly.


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