Philly has been a pretty good place to be, lately. One might even say… All… Good…? The All Good Records leaders swept through this past weekend and made waves as Griz and The Floozies brought the house down at the TLA (View our photo gallery here). The show was insane as the guys brought their smooth and heavy electrofunk to South Street Saturday night.

But if you missed it, or you’re still coming down off of that energy, there’s no reason to be sad. We have more from the All Good Records group as this Wednesday night, The Geek x Vrv makes a stop uptown at Johnny Brenda’s with Late Night Radio, from another one of our favorite artist collectives, Super Best Records.

In an electronic scene that’s so flush with a lack of originality and generic sounds, these two represent a – dare I say – underground movement of combing sounds of soul, funk, jazz and r&b with heaving hitting bass and synths that will revive anyone who feels like electronic music is stale.

Check out tunes from both artists below, and get tickets to the show while you still can. Only $13. A freaking steal.




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