Photo by Dave Ma; Courtesy of RCA Records
Photo by Dave Ma; Courtesy of RCA Records

In just under a week, Irish rockers Kodaline take the stage at Philadelphia’s Theatre of Living Arts.  Philly is the fifth stop on the band’s North American Tour, which is presented by Ones to Watch in conjunction with Skype.  The group is touring to promote their sophomore LP, Coming Up For Air.  Kodaline began making waves in 2012 after the music video for their track “All I Want” went viral on YouTube.  “All I Want” was subsequently featured on a myriad of soundtracks, including that of the 2014 blockbuster The Fault In Our Stars.  So chances are, you’ve probably already heard Kodaline.

Already chart-toppers in their native Ireland (with their debut effort, A Perfect World), Coming Up For Air is a departure from Kodaline’s previous sound; one that may just break ground in the United States.  The group traveled to Los Angeles to record with producer (and fellow Irishman) Jacknife Lee (Snow Patrol, R.E.M., Taylor Swift).   Lee helped the quartet introduce unconventional sounds to punctuate their music: keep your ears peeled for the sound of aerosol cans (on the track “Autopilot”) and the band pelting soda cans with permanent markers (on the track “Unclear”).  What hasn’t changed is Kodaline’s signature: heart-wrenchingly emotional lyrics.  So make sure you bring some tissues with you on April 21st if you’re a big fat cry baby like me.

Still not convinced?

Now you are!

KODALINE Ones to Watch with Skype North American Tour w/Gavin James
at Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 8:00pm / drs. 7:00pm
Tickets available at

Be sure to follow Kodaline on Facebook, Twitter (@Kodaline), YouTube, and Instagram (@kodaline).


Written by Conor

Photojournalist based in Philadelphia. Occasional writer. Always wondering what became of Luke Skywalker's X-Wing after he arrived at Cloud City.

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