“Sounds of Squared” is a weekly mix by our resident DJ Squared that showcases some of his favorite tracks at the moment as well as some of his thoughts on them. There is no specific style and it will vary from week to week so make sure you listen as you might here some tracks you had no idea existed!

Hardwell – Eclipse 

Starting out the mix we have one of Hardwell’s tracks released at the end of January. While I was big Hardwell fan in his early days (circa Spaceman) he has not been impressing me as of much, though his Ultra set was very good. This track opens with some great orchestral pads with a triplet sub bass that have you feeling about to lift off for the epic space ride that is Eclipse. Hardwell wastes no time in bringing in the hook that will be your guide for the rest of the song. While so minimalistic, it grooves so well. The second orchestral build up provides just enough of a break for you to catch your breath to then be thrown back into it. This song is like that one time you decided to try Crossfit and had just enough time to realize you’re out of shape before pushing yourself to do your next set.

2 Faced Funks – Powerbass

I had never heard of 2 Faced Funks before finding this song. Put out on Oxygen which is a division of Spinnin, it comes as no surprise that this song is as hard hitting as it is. With a catchy vocal buildup and a hardcore drop, you’ll subconsciously wish you were at a festival bouncing with 1000 other people. While their sound may not be new, it’s a great example of how the right structure and buildup of a song can still provide a great experience. If you’re looking for, check out their tracks “Underdog” and “Blizzard”.

DBSTF – Do your Thing

I was pretty sure Festival House had died. Like, 95% certain. But nope. DBSTF (aka D-block & S-te-fan) proving me wrong (what else is new). Every once in a while a track like this comes a long that blows all of your predispositions away. At first listen, I was suspecting your typical One Note Festival Drop. Trance chord intro with a single vocal phrase build up. How original. OH WAIT. This melody is dank and makes me feel like I’m Tarzan swinging through the jungle looking to hit up all my animal friends so we can go hang out at the club.

Sebjak & AN21 – Everything

Progressive house has been catching my ear a lot lately. Mainly because of how simplistic it is but still is able to build up energy to a drop. “Everything” is nothing new or spectacular but I can groove to it all day long. The melody flows so well and has been stuck in my head for days. I can’t wait to play this song live on a loud system as it has a lot of room to breathe and lets the crowd just dance.

Delayers & Execute – Twister

I love funky songs. Anything off the beaten path catches my ear and “Twister” did exactly that. Not only did the insanely groovy hook have me bouncing in my chair, but the grit attached to it made me appreciate it so much more. The offbeat vocal cue’s added a great energy to the song. I’m also a big believer that the bridge in a song is just as important as the main line. “Twister” has a great bridge featuring some funkadelic clean guitar riffs mixed with some synths that keep your body moving before bringing you back to grit city.

Tritonal – Ginsu

Ahhhh Tritonal. The progressive house juggernaut. They did not disappoint with this late February release. I first heard this song is Knife Party’s Ultra set and I loved the way it flowed and provided a high energy song with tons of great melody’s. The varying synths throughout the entire song help keep it refreshing and alive. I would not be surprised to hear this track played out heavily at festivals as it has a lot of room to it while being interesting.

Reebs & Dualive – Kitsune

While I may have never heard of Reebs or Dualive, the fact that this track came out on Armada Trice is enough credibility I need to know that it’s going to be good. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint. This is one of those songs that could very easily become your anthem to everything. Driving, working out, being productive at your job, or even watering your plants. The pounding acid synths with the 4 on the floor beat push this hard hitting song directly into your brain so you can never forget it. If you want more Dualive, make sure you check out his tracks “Final Round” and “Fly High”. As for Reebs, his songs “Alcohol” and “Bols”.

Dirtyloud – Start Fresh

Ever since his remix of SKisM and Zomboy’s “Kick It” I have loved Dirtyloud. Every track is a little bit different but always had one thing in common. In your face synths that straight up don’t care. “Start Fresh” does the exact same but like always in a somewhat new style for Dirtyloud. The Melbourne Bounce beat mixed with the raw synths makes for a nice contrast for a track that leaves you bouncing for a while. I personally would love to see the genre take this direction and get a little bit dirtier with their sounds but alas, I’m just a dude on the internet.

Will Sparks – Ah Yeah So What feat. Wiley and Elen Levon (SCNDL Remix)

So if you’ve been following the electronic scene at all for the last year you’ve heard Will Spark’s Melbourne Bounce anthem “Ah Yeah”. To make it even better, he teamed up with Wiley and Elen Levon to make a vocal version of the track featuring some catchy lyrics and rhymes. SCNDL contributed by providing one of the official remixes of the track and I’m very happy he did. While the vocal remake of the track was good it was still missing something. SCNDL came in lighting up some fire under the lyrics with some intense bounce rhythms that are almost a cross of electro house and bounce. If you’ve never heard of SCNDL before do yourself a favor and check him out as he is consistently releasing great tracks that the stagnating Melbourne bounce scene needed.

The Moogs – Hinder

Don’t ask me how I found this song. I believe it may have been 2 AM on Wednesday morning and I was writing a paper that was getting nowhere. Often times I click a favorite song on Soundcloud and let it play through. That’s when I heard the dirtiest synth come drop in an electro song I had heard in a while. “Hinder” quickly became a favorite and gave me the exposure to The Moogs that I didn’t know I had been looking for. I don’t think the paper ever got done but it didn’t matter. “Hinder” is like getting punched in the face by Ronda Rousey, and you get up and ask for more. It’s punishing but you can’t help but get enough of it.

Star Killa – U Got My

I originally found Star Killa through a remix he did of Chrizz Luvly’s “Fire in the Sky”. When I went searching through his soundcloud, every song got better and better. He quickly became an artist for me to watch and pay attention too because his electro songs were ridiculous, high energy, and reminded me of the glory days of complextro. I would not have been surprised had you told me “U Got My” was an unreleased collaboration between Mord Fustang and Zedd from 2012. If you’re a fan of electro house or complextro at all, you HAVE to check out Star Killa. I demand it.

Photo credit to EZOO


Written by Dan Jandreau

Born and raised in small town Maine but have migrated to (somewhat) civilization. Portland resident who loves all things electronic related. Current DJ at anywhere that will let me play. Likes hard hitting beats. Dislikes onions.

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