I’ve personally had a long and stressful last few weeks so I haven’t really been able to write a whole lot on some things happening in the music industry, or even really throw out there some tunes that I’ve been listening to lately. I have a couple hours right now to catch my breath, though, so I did want to throw some stuff out there that I’ve been pretty satisfied with this week.

Matt & Kim – New Glow

Matt & Kim released a new album on Tuesday called New Glow. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the Brooklyn duo. Those who have not seen a their live performance may be a little surprised by some of the hip hop influence, but anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing a Matt & Kim live show will feel right at home. The album is real solid and all the tracks blend together very well. I wouldn’t call the album ground breaking, but it is certainly a continuation of great music the band consistently puts out. New Glow is available on Spotify (and finally on Tidal after a bit of a delay) right now. Give it a listen below, and check them out on their upcoming tour which kicks off Saturday night in Portland, ME. Though, be warned, Philly, DC and NY have all sold out (they added a second show in NY which still has tickets available) so I’d go ahead and snag anything up that you can asap. We’ll see you in Philly on the 17th!


Lord Huron – Strange Trails

Lord Huron released a new album on Tuesday as well called Strange Trails. Full disclosure, though I have listened to the album all the way through, I have yet to sit down with headphones and give it a thorough listen enough to give any kind of commentary on it. However, I can tell you from what listening I have done, this is a really solid album. I’m not the biggest Lord Huron fan (Not to say I don’t like the band, I just haven’t given them enough of a listen) but this has really piqued my interest. They start their upcoming tour next week in California and will hit Colorado, before coming to the east coast where their Philly and (2) DC shows have already sold out. If you missed out on Philly tickets, they’ll be back for the XPoNential Music Fest in July. More to come on that, later. Their album is out now on Spotify (and Tidal). Give it a listen, below.


Let’s totally switch gears here.

 Milo & Otis – Live at Ultra

One time, a friend of mine moved into a new apartment a bunch of us helped her move and then all went out and got super drunk later that night. The next morning we were all laying around her living room really hungover and rifled through her movies to find she had Milo & Otis. I had never seen the film. I was forced to watch the film. So was the cable guy who came in the middle of it all and installed and set up her cable and internet while about six hung over 20-somethings lied around and watched this horrible movie. When a cable guy says you’ve been one of his strangest visits, you’ve got problems. I, my friend, have 99+ problems, and having seen Milo & Otis is most certainly one of them.

That story has absolutely nothing to do with this other than the Milo and Otis part. Milo & Otis is also the moniker of an up and coming DJ/Production duo. These guys have been beasts for a while and their relationship with Skrillex and his OWSLA label have certainly helped their popularity. But they don’t get anywhere without their insane sets. They recently released the recording of their Ultra set from a couple weeks ago, and if you’re at all an edm or hip hop fan, I suggest you throw this mother on as you get ready to go out this weekend. Check it out right here.


Savant – Invasion

Finally, if you’re sick of mainstream EDM, boy do I have something for you. We featured the announcement last week, but it bears repeating: Savant is coming to America. This Norwegian born producer creates some of the freshest sounds in the genre right now – though he’d hate reading about being forced into a “genre” at all. This guy makes more music than… I don’t know, you can fill in your own analogy if you’d like, or you can just check out his soundcloud as well as his latest full length work, Invasion on Spotify right now. I honestly don’t even want to describe it to you or try to relate it to anything you’ve ever heard. There are similarities to a lot of mainstream electronic music out there, but he seems to come at it from a completely different angle. Give it a listen right here and be sure to check him out on the road. He’ll be in Philly May 29th and District N9ne and at Beta in Denver on June 11. Click here for full list of tour dates!


That’s all I have for you at the moment. I hope everyone is enjoying their spring so far. Remember to slow down and take a deep breath every once in a while. Remember to show the love to those around you who show it back, and don’t waste your damn time with anyone who doesn’t show you their love. Be kind to one another and if you’re going through some rough times, find someone to talk to and remember you’ll make it through.


I don’t know why I felt the need to tell you all that, just wanted to spread some positivity or something. Anyway, check out these tunes, and we’ll catch ya’ll on the flip side!




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