Poormans Whiskey Bluegrass Generals_  Poormans Whiskey Bluegrass Generals_-3

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The night started off with Poor Man’s Whiskey, minus one Sean Lehe on guitar. These guys were a great primer, a combination of Southern rock and bluegrass, without the cowboy hat vibe. I’ve heard of these guys before through Dark Side of the Moonshine (yeah) and they got the entire venue movin’ (from the bar to the floor to the bar to the floor; it’s bluegrass, come on.) These guys are touring all over the place, check out their upcoming dates and make sure you see them if they’re coming to your part of town, and you’re into good music with banjos.

Poormans Whiskey Bluegrass Generals_-9And then, when we thought the venue couldn’t get any more packed, it got more packed. Not surprising, the line-up consisted of Larry Keel, Sam Bush, Sam Grisman, And Chris Pandolfi and Andy Hall of the Infamous Stringdusters. To put it mildly, the talent in the room reached absolutely absurd levels. I remember milling around during set break, and everyone had that expectant, excited look on their faces like something awesome was about to happen.
Poormans Whiskey Bluegrass Generals_-15

I wish I had taken more notes on the setlist. There were plenty of well known and lesser known bluegrass covers, with the crowd alternating between foot stomping, drinking, and singing along. Even though I was running around with a camera, it was also great being a fan. With the place as sold out as it was, there wasn’t as much opportunity to run get in everyone’s way to take photos (but if I did – sorry and thank you!,) so I was enjoying the show with all the people dancing around in the back (oh, no.)

I don’t think that the musicians could have chosen a better venue, The 1up is big enough to house big bands, but feels small enough that no matter where you’re standing you’re absolutely enveloped in sound. Bluegrass thrives in places like this.

Any time a superjam of this type comes around again, you’ll see me there.

Poormans Whiskey Bluegrass Generals_-27  Poormans Whiskey Bluegrass Generals_-18 Poormans Whiskey Bluegrass Generals_-14


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