Ear Nuggets - Greener Grounds - 01

So here’s an embarrassing confession, this was only my second time at the Gothic Theatre. Shame on me. But there’s no way I was missing this show, the Pigeons were coming to town.

The first guys to go on stage was Greener Grounds, a Denver band well on their way to getting onto the jamtronica scene radar. If my hunch is correct, they’re Umph and Phish fans, both influences showing through their music (and loops.) They’ve got a solid musical base, and I’ll be putting them on my Sonic Bloom “gotta see” schedule for this summer.

Then, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. These guys are fun, hands down some of the most enjoyable guys to just watch on stage. The lead singer, (man below with the poofiest hair) had a new game he was playing with crowd, where he’d pick out a random person and stare them down with the crazy eyes he’s clearly been perfecting for a long while now. God help the spunion who takes this too personally.

Ear Nuggets - Pigeons Playing Ping Pong - 15

Ear Nuggets - Pigeons Playing Ping Pong - 21

But their show doesn’t hinge just on onstage antics, The music is solid. Like, really really solid. (Obligatory Spotify link – check out Melting Lights) Maybe my soft-spot for jambands is showing, but I’d go out of my way to see these guys any time they’re in town.They’re like a sillier Werks, or maybe the Werks are just a more serious Pigeons. Either way, they should play together.

Ear Nuggets - Juno What - 38Ear Nuggets - Juno What - 50

But the real holy shit moment came when Juno What?! hit the stage. I don’t remember if they opened with “Sex With a Stranger” but if you’ve ever thought you needed to spice up your sex music… this is the most energetic, happiest porno funk you’ll find. (Here, have a listen, in the privacy of your home.) The crowd didn’t go wild, the crowd grooved relentlessly. This is, after all, a Joey Porter (The Motet) project, and Colorado loves Joey (and from his music, we get the feeling Joey loves us too.) Considering that I haven’t heard any Juno What?! music for about a year now, this was like getting slapped in the face with love. These guys know funk.

(If you like what you see, check out the full photo gallery, and gives us the good ol’ thumbs up.)


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