Big weekend in the Philly area coming up. And the music is just part of it. My birthday is Sunday, so really, everything else takes a back seat. Just kidding. GREAT tunes coming up.

Thursday – The Revivalists and Galactic @ The Electric Factory

Let’s kick things off a little early and get your weekend started on Thursday night. The Electric Factory and Z88.9’s Endless Boundaries are bringing us what’s going to be an insane show. The Revivalists AND Galactic. One night only. If you’re familiar with either of these bands then you probably already have tickets and can skip ahead to Friday night. If you’re not, you need to get familiar NOW. These guys have good studio work, but their live performance is unbelievable. Check out some tunes below and join me tomorrow night!

Friday – New Found Glory @ The Chameleon Club (Lancaster, PA) *EDITOR’S PICK*

My pick for this weekend is kind of a nostalgia act for me, but it’s truly so much more than that. New Found Glory is actually an incredible live band and they are still firing on all cylinders. Not to mention, last weekend’s Electron and American Babies show reignited my love for the The Chameleon Club which is a great venue for this. Intimate, a big rough around the edges, but great sound and a great fiery atmosphere. I’ll be making the trek down US Route 30 for this, and you should definitely do the same.

Friday – The War on Drugs @ Tower Theater

Friday I’m torn. The War on Drugs is in town… well… it’s their town… but anyway. They’re here and playing at none other than the legendary Tower Theater. I don’t really have to say much more but this Philly band has been really tearing it up lately and gaining a lot more national attention. It’s huge for them to be playing this big of a venue and I’m sure it’ll be great. Unfortunately, I’ll actually be missing it, but if you have the means, go.

Saturday – Universal Funk Order @ Sprout Music Collective

I’ll actually be in the suburbs on Saturday night checking out a super cool new venue and a great, funky, regional band, Universal Funk Order (UFO). UFO will be playing at Sprout Music Collective in downtown West Chester, PA on Saturday night, and if you’re anywhere around West Chester and/or like solid funk music, this is your spot. Sprout’s got a really great feel to it and a great selection of local and craft beers on tap. They do ticketing a little different, though. It’s $5 at the door (no advanced online sales, so get there early because this show will be packed) or you can buy an annual membership for $50. I’d go for the membership if I were you because this is not the first and will certainly not be the last great show at this locale this year. Check out some UFO here!


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