The night began as any other: a steady trickle of showgoers finding their way into the spacious Underground Arts, glancing around excitedly as they sipped beers and scanned the room for the artists who would soon take the stage, many of which comfortably mingled in the crowd- perhaps something profoundly Philadelphian. Eventually the lights dimmed and the attendees lined the brim of the stage, awaiting the quirky punk rock band Cheerbleeders to take the stage. The stars of this month’s issue of JUMP Magazine, The Cheerbleeders took full advantage to showcase their personality. Their performance was peppered with conversation and jokes, with their righteous rip-roaring tracks filling out the rest of it. The group even played a brand new song only finished the day before.


But Cheerbleeders weren’t the only ones with their personality on full display. Fellow Philly punksters Amanda X played their garage rock interceded with goofy commentary and silly observations. They took the stage with their laid-back demeanor and chill vibes in tow. After jamming through a tight set, the girls slinked off stage, soon to be followed by Pissed Jeans.


Arriving late due to an earlier performance, The Abando played an eerie, dimmed out set. Perhaps less conversational than the others, the performance did not lack energy, especially with frontman Kyle Marchiafava bouncing around in the dark blue glow of the stage. The rumbling bass and blunt, rambling vocals kept the set upbeat and although The Abando(s) is normally a larger collective, the set didn’t feel lacking with Marchiafava riding solo.


Philly grunge punk collective Pissed Jeans meandered on stage where a riled crowd waited impatiently. Jumping right into their set, the group showcased their energy, with lead singer Matt Korvette lurching his body around the stage, eventually sprawling across the floor as he growled into the microphone.


They quickly filled the entirety of Underground Arts with their heavy, thundering tunage, giving the crowd ample reason to mosh, dance and throw their bodies around in time. The group polished off their set in probably the most Pissed Jeans-esque way- abandoning the stage with full, screeching feedback lingering in the speakers, eventually dulling to a quiet leaving the audience to dissipate and wander off into the night.



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