American Babies Chameleon Club live Photos Lancaster
American Babies – Chameleon Club – 3/21/15
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Saturday night in Lancaster was a truly a special night. I’m not sure I’ve ever written or verbally said that sentence before. But in all serious, anyone who showed up absolutely knew what they were getting into and they were not disappointed by any means.

Let’s start with Tommy Hamilton’s latest group, American Babies. I honest to goodness cannot put into words how impressed I was with their performance last weekend. I had seen them open up City Bisco back in the fall at the Electric Factory, so I knew they could hold their own. But after speaking with Hamilton earlier this year, I was ready to see what a set, solid lineup, some serious studio and rehearsal time, and a few more shows under their belt could do. It did them wonders, to say the least. They opened up by playing for 45 minutes straight. And no one was bored.

American Babies Chameleon Club Lancaster live photos
American Babies – Chameleon Club – 3/21/15

Playing for 45 minutes straight without boring anyone and without trailing off into something of an abyss is unheard of, but American Babies with their new contemporary Americana rock/jam hybrid have perfected it. If American Babies are going to be anywhere near you this year, do not miss them. If you’re going to a festival where American Babies will be playing, do not miss them. Your mind will be blown.

Oh right… and Electron played. You know, that little band that’s made up of Philly brothers from different mothers who represent the Disco Biscuits, Lotus, and American Babies? Yeah they were there, too.

Electron Chameleon Club Lancaster live photos
Electron – Chameleon Club – 3/21/15

Getting to watch guys who are genuinely good friends and who actually enjoy each other’s company and musical talents will never get old for me, and watching their most loyal fans watch them is almost as enjoyable. It was a little weird how excited Brownie seemed to be to be playing the Chameleon Club. And then they played the Chameleon Club. And then it didn’t seem so weird anymore. The intimate three tiered room really brought the show to a whole new level.

These guys have such good chemistry together and just look so happy while on stage together, it really is a shame they have, ya know, actual bands, that they’re part of. Electron needs to tour. It needs to happen. They need to write a full studio album together. Can we get a petition together to make it happen? I’d even be satisfied with a full Dead cover album.

Electron, hear our plea! Make it happen!

Electron Chameleon Club Lancaster live photos
Electron – Chameleon Club – 3/21/15

Eh. Until then, you can catch both American Babies and Electron at Electric Forest.

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