This weekend, the Philly area is very fortunate to have a mix of very talented, well established national acts come through town, as well as some homegrown talent showing off their skills. Let’s get right to it:


Adam Travis & The Soul – Milkboy Philly

Philly area native Adam Travis is home from his stint in Boston and fresh off a new release, Reckless. As good as his studio work is, his live show is even better. Check out his album below and be sure to head to Milkboy Philly tomorrow night.


Liz Longley – Ardmore Music Hall

Our hometown heroine is on the road. Having moved down to Nashville to hone her songwriting skills, Miss Longley is on the road celebrating her release latest self-titled release, which you can listen to here. A native of the Downingtown area, her show Friday night at the Ardmore Music Hall is going to be somewhat of a homecoming, and is not a show to miss. This girl’s got pipes, and can write like the Dickens. Or is it just Dickens? I don’t know. Either way, she can write, and she can sing. Boom.

Liz Longley’s show is kind of an early show, which gives you some time to head further into the city and check out a couple of really solid acts:

Doctor P – Soundgarden Hall

The Circus Records dj/producer is in the midst of his North American tour. He’s primarily a dubstep artist, but that’s not to say he’s constrained to one genre. This guy throws. down. And Soundgarden Hall is the perfect venue to host the Englishman. Check out “Flying Spaghetti Monster” below, and get your arse to SGH Friday night.


Maybe you want to dance but aren’t into Dubstep? Perfect. Head over to the TLA where EOTO (side project of some gentlemen of String Cheese Incident) will be hosting their own party. These guys put on a wild party full of looping instrumentals, synth and jungle beats, and really just a whole lot of fun. Check out some of their stuff on Spotify, and head down to South Street and get weird.


Electron with American Babies – Chameleon Club (Lancaster, PA) *EDITOR’S PICK*

You’ve got plenty of options Saturday night as well. Dash Berlin is gonna rage at Soundgarden Hall for the electronic crowd. If you’re still feeling a little emo from the 00’s, Taking Back Sunday is throwing down at the Electric Factory, but this weekend’s Editor’s Pick takes us out to Amish Country, where Electron and The American Babies are gonna blow the roof off of The Chameleon Club in the city of Lancaster.

We spoke with Tom Hamilton (of both American Babies, AND Electron) last month. He definitely had some interesting things to say, but when you’re done reading this, go buy your ticket for this show, and hitch a horse and buggy down rt. 30 because these two bands together in such an intimate venue is just a set up for a night you’re going to remember for a while. Check out music from the two groups below:


Taking Back Sunday – Electric Factory

Too busy Saturday to catch Taking Back Sunday? Don’t worry! You can catch them Sunday night. Saturday night is sold out anyway, and night two is going quickly. I’d hop to it right now. And really, what better time to see Taking Back Sunday than… well… on a Sunday?


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