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G. Love & Special Sauce - TLA - Photo - Ear Nuggets
G. Love & Special Sauce

It was quite the Philadelphonic weekend here in South Philly as the native son, G. Love (Garret Dutton) visited us for the weekend to play two shows at his home base, the TLA on South Street, where many were also celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a few days early.

G has been touring seemingly non-stop since the release of his latest studio album, ‘Sugar,’ which was touted as somewhat of a return to his roots of hip hop blues, after ‘Fixin’ to Die’ was a bit off the beaten path for him.

G. Love & Special Sauce - Matt Costa - TLA - Philly - Philadelphia - Photo - Ear Nuggets
G. Love & Matt Costa

With two shows to fill, Mr. Love was able to dig deep in his now 20+ year deep catalog, bringing on old friends to rock out to the hometown crowd favorite I-76, and some older cuts off of his self titled album and beyond. After some time apart, seeing the original trio of Jimmy Jazz and Houseman flanking the front man was refreshing – like coming back to a classic after experimenting with newer, fresher, but not necessarily better experiences.

At times the weekend seemed almost like a big family or class reunion, with G. Love fans young and old running into each other for the first time in years, embracing in hugs and excitement for the music. He may live in Boston for the time being, but, whether or not he feels the same way, Philadelphia will always be his home.

Thanks to G. Love & Special Sauce and the TLA for a great weekend.

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