UPDATE: Phish summer dates have been announced!

Attention phish fans! The day we’ve all been eagerly waiting for is arriving Tuesday March 17th. Phish is set to announce their summer tour plans, and we couldn’t be happier! The anticipation for tour announcement always fills my imagination with possibilities, and I find myself constantly struggling to focus on anything besides my summer plans. The rumor mill has been filled with conflicting dates and tour plans, and things will finally be officially settled on Tuesday.

Here’s what we know. Summer tour will not be starting until the highly anticipated Fare Thee Well shows in Chicago are finished (per Trey interview with Rolling Stone). Tour will kick off in July and will likely go until the end of August or early September. The most consistent rumor that has been floating around has been that Phish will return to Watkins Glenn in August (8/21-8/23) for the long awaited Festival X!  The sequel to the Superball IX Festival will likely end summer tour unless Phish returns to the fan favorite Dick’s Sporting Good Park for Labor Day Weekend.

Phish is not expected to do a fall tour this year, so make sure you get your fix in this summer!!!

With all the restlessness that goes with waiting for a summer tour announcement, let’s take some time to appreciate some of the highlights of Summer 2014.

7/1/2014 – Harry Hood

2014 was either the year of the Chalkdust, or the year of the HOOD. It’s a close call IMO, but I tend to lead towards HOOD. Harry Hood experienced a much needed revival in 2014, and was taken out for a walk more times than not.  This version from the Mansfield tour opener is the one that started it all. You can feel good about Hood.

7/4/2014 – Fuego

This is (IMO) the hallmark version of Fuego. This is the very first time Fuego has gotten it’s proper jammed out treatment, and it still stands out as the best.

7/13/2014 – Chalkdust > Light > Tweezer

If you only listen to one segment of Phish Summer 2014, let this be it. This is one of the best stretches of music the band has played since their triumphant return in 2009.  This 56 minute stretch of jamming is top shelf Phish no matter the era. The peak of Light was one of the most explosive moments of live music I experienced in 2014. Truly remarkable stuff.

7/20/2014 – The Wedge

The Northerly Wedge seemingly came out of nowhere. Sandwiched in the middle of Mike’s Groove, this Wedge went into a really beautiful funk jam. Check it out!

7/27/2014 – Set 2

This set is the whole package. Jamming, excellent song selection, excellent segues, and classic Phish humor. This set has everything!

8/29/2014 – Simple > Ghost

Phish Dicks came up with an absolutely stunning weekend of music again.  The main highlight of this run is undoubtedly the high octane Simple > Ghost segment.  This Simple proves once again that Phish is “funkier than James Brown on a bad night”.

See you out there this summer, phans! This is dowerks, signing off.


Written by dowerks

Phish fanatic extraordinaire. Lover of live music. CO transplant.

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