Last week, in spite of an impending snowstorm, I had the chance to check out Particle, Greenhouse Lounge, and Tweed at Underground Arts. I cannot say enough good things about Underground Arts; it’s truly one of the most unique live music venues in Philly. Tweed was very good. Particle was unreal, of course, but I was very impressed by a band I had only heard of in passing: Greenhouse Lounge.

Greenhouse Lounge

Geography is probably the primary reason for my almost total ignorance of this southern trio (they call Florida their home), but after last week, I think I’ve listened to everything on their soundcloud page at least half a dozen times. It’s that good.

And as good as their studio tracks are, they’re 10x better live. They bring energy and a tightness that’s fresher than anything I’ve seen in a good while.  On Bass you have Dave McSweeney who can groove and get down like he’s already an established rock star, Zach Weinert rocks the guitar and a macbook, while behind them, Ray Felts provides the drum beats.

While on stage, the three of them are consistently doing one of two things: either they’re looking at each other, feeding off of one another and waiting to see where it’s all going, progressing each song as far as they can go (though you’d never know there was any improvisation from how smooth their set goes) or they’re looking around smiling. They’re simply having too much damn fun for a bunch of kids from Jacksonville, Florida.

They’re currently on tour supporting Particle, and have already booked themselves a couple festivals, including Purple Hatter’s Ball, Wakarusa, Family Roots and Luna Light.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter, and give their soundcloud a listen right here!


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