The results of The Annual Umphreaks Anonymous Survey are in, and the full report can be seen and downloaded here.

The highlights:

The 204 MVP (Most Valuable Player) is Jake Cinninger.

Overall, 2014 was an A+ year for Umphrey’s, raising a up a whole + from the A year that they had in 2013. Curiously though, the Improv Work shows a trend shiftin to a higher percentage of B’s, stealing percentages from the A and A+ ratings. With more people reporting in compared to last year, it might just prove that with more people, there is more whining.

4% of people reporting saw 20+ shows. Most people saw 4-6 shows, which just about correlates to a weekend run plus a festival (speculating here.)

On Similar Skin, only 7% reported “Cut the Cable” as their favorite song, putting my musical tastes in their place.

Umphrey’s Atlanta New Years Eve show was the best place to catch them, followed in second by Red Rocks, but Red Rocks quickly redeemed itself with being the best venue which isn’t even a fair competition.

There was an overwhelming “duh” for wanting to see more UM Streaming Webcasts/Live digital performances with 1% checking in saying “no” and being just dead wrong.

I would disagree with their assessment that “wooing” is strongly opposed. 25% isn’t exactly a schism, it’s an opinionated minority being vocal about wanting other people to shut up about their opinions of a jam in progress.

Credit goes to, and of course \mm/ WOO!

[Ed. note: I still have yet to truly get into UM like Anna has or like I know I should, but this survey, and further inspection of UMAnon makes me realize exactly what I’m missing. I will fix this, guys. I will listen to UM. All will be well. Thank you Umph nerds.]


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