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This past Wednesday night, the Philadelphia area was being warned of an impending “Winter Storm” that was supposed to start at 7pm and last for a full 24 hours. Grocery stores were packed, parents huddled children in the basement by the wood stove, and salt trucks were out in full force.

And no one who had tickets to see Particle, Greenhouse Lounge and Tweed at Underground Arts seemed to care whatsoever. And for good reason. In spite of the 7 pm start time warning, we didn’t get anything until well after everyone was home, so everyone who rolled the dice ended up winning. And boy did we win.


The gentlemen of the veteran jamtronica group, Particle, are back in business and kicking off an east coast tour, and Philly was lucky enough to be selected as the first date on their journey. The energy was palpable as this area hasn’t seen these guys in a good while.

The 650 capacity Underground Arts was nearly full pretty early on because this lineup was no joke. Local players, Tweed, got the night off to a groovy start, and Greenhouse Lounge really set the bar high for the headliner and had everyone moving at the knees to their unique style.

Greenhouse Lounge

As good as GHL was, though, it was obvious we were all there for the main act, and the men did not disappoint, even bringing out Tom Hamilton (Who is apparently everywhere and I’ll never be able to escape him) currently from American Babies, Electron, and JRAD, to rock out on “Have a Cigar.” The collaboration was certainly a highlight of the night as Hamilton stood somewhat off in the background, letting his riffing guitar speak for him.

Although by the time everyone cleared out of UA well into the wee hours of the morning, there was still no snow, we all woke up the next morning to several inches already piled on the ground restricting most of us from going about our daily lives. I, as I’m sure many others, felt no cabin fever, however, as the thrill of the night before lingered well into the chilly Thursday.

Particle w/ Tom Hamilton

Particle is just kicking off their tour with Greenhouse Lounge as support throughout. I cannot urge you enough to buy your tickets fast because by the time word gets out about how hot and tight these two bands are right now, tickets will most definitely be gone. It’ll be the best value single show ticket you buy all year. I promise.

Check out full list of tour dates here, and check out the full show gallery on Facebook here.


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