Ear Nuggets - The New Deal - Dan Kurtz

(for more photos, check out the full album)

The New Deal played at the Ogden Theatre on Saturday February 28th, rounding out their three day Colorado run.

Overall… The New Deal is fun. Hella fun. While allowing you a few minutes here and there to calm down. Maybe I’m old, but I appreciate a band that gives me half an opportunity to take a minute to grab a beer.

Ear Nuggets - The New Deal - Joel Stouffer

Two things really stuck out about the show. First, it is amazing how much noise three people can make on stage. It might be a dumb thing to point out, but when really getting into their music the ability to layer their three instruments to fill what seemed like every available auditory space made them seem too big for the room. This is extra impressive because they don’t use loops, so all the beeps and boops are coming out live.

Ear Nuggets - The New Deal - Jamie Shields

The second was how consistently in your face the music was. If you like the New Deal, this is fantastic. The only hiccup in this during the show was the beginning with maybe a 10-15 minute rampup, but otherwise they did a great job of cycling through slower jams (which weren’t even that slow) and going full force. After a year of playing with the new drummer full time, they’re getting into their own. No, they don’t sound exactly the same as before, but it’s a bit unfair to constantly compare a band now vs what they were a decade ago, and even more unfair to expect the same band and sound. On the topic of the new lineup, I didn’t realize it at the time, but with Joel Stouffer on the drums the new New Deal is now 2/3 Dragonette, of “Say Hello” fame/infamy.

Ear Nuggets - The New Deal-44

At some point we were being rude and talking during the show about what the original drummer was up to and a wide-eyed space cadet informed us that Darren Shearer was busy with his Scientology church. Aaaand she wasn’t lying, religious opinions aside, he’s climbed his way up to executive director position of the Church of Scientology’s new Mission of Riverdale (as if a few years back anyway.) Go figure. 

Anyway, if you get a chance, go see ’em live – and check out the full photo gallery on facebook here. (And don’t forget to give us the ol’ thumbs up!)


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