UPDATE: Just minutes after first post, the live stream shows cops have shut it down as of about 8:50 am EST.

Welp. Here it is.

If you didn’t know, Skrillex and Diplo are currently in about hour 18 of a 24 hour live stream mix. I don’t know what time it is over in California at time of writing, but it’s late. Or early. It’s bordering on early, that’s how late it is. And there are people still dancing. Don’t kid yourself, though. They’re forcing it.

Anyway, back to this. They certainly know how to build hype around a release as they debuted their new album, Jack U during the mix last night while I was off doing other things because nobody’s got time to just watch Skrillex and Diplo do their thing for 24 hours straight.

Here’s the album:

And if you wanna watch the live stream, go for it. Goes until 4 pm EST. Probably. Unless they die first. Which would suck.

[Ed. note: “I’m the shit; I should have febreze on me,” just might be the rap lyric of the year.]


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