UPDATE: Click here to read our interview with Steve Molitz of Particle

Particle has been around for a while, having formed in 2000 as one of the first bands on the then-new jamtronica scene. I first found their live release from 2006, and really perked up when the came through Colorado a few weeks back. The transformation was completely mind-blowing. Having been on a semi-hiatus since late 2006, they’re completely re-lauching back into the live music scene with a new tour, and a more refined sound.

With the core of the band having stayed the same, the musicians who have sat in with the band range from Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead to Michael Kang of The String Cheese Incident. This has given Particle a musical feel ranging from almost disco, to more “pure” jamtronica, to Pink Floyd inspired classic rock.

We’re excited to check them out in Philly, and their Winter/Early Spring tour concludes in Portland (with a stopover at 123 Pleasant Street in West Virginia, and awesome venue if you ever need a reason to check out a cool little mountain town.) Ear Nuggets - Particle Winter Tour 2015 To see just how far they’ve grown, check out their 2006 release on Spotify, and then go back to playing “Die Rote Kapelle” on repeat.


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