Ok ok, I love the New Deal. I love the new New Deal, and I love the old New Deal. Why? Because any band that starts off their show at full speed in the untz department will have my lifelong love and adoration.

Shoutout to all the bears and the raccoon. As the mysterious DoWerks told me, that show was absolutely wild.

These guys formed forever ago, all the way in 1998 after surprising themselves by how much they sounded like a dj but with their instruments. They broke a lot of people’s hearts when they took a hiatus in 2011. They made a lot of people happy when they announced a reunion (with one Joel Stouffer as the new drummer.) As with any new addition, people have been hella curious about, “oh do they sound the same” or “oh how are they playing.”

(Go to ~9min)

They’re just fine. We’ll be bouncing along at the Denver show at the Ogden on February 28th.


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