I’m a huge fan of Podcasts. Sitting through 10 hours of work wouldn’t happen without Podcasts. And one of the oddest and most enjoyable ones I’ve come across is Commonplace Books’ “Night Vale”, a story-line told from the perceptive of a news anchor reporting about the town Night Vale. I listen to it before going to sleep sometimes, and it has this calming effect but is just so… weird.

Behold, from the first episode:

And in every episode, they have a Weather section which has nothing to do with the weather but instead plays a different song by a different artist from a different genre every episode.

What caught my attention is this song from one of the first episode from Satellite High‘s “The Bus is Late.”

From a much later episode, I was surprised to see Doomtree‘s “Team the Best Team.” But, here they are.

Someone lovingly compiled most (if not all) of the Night Vale music. Don’t forget to click on the “Playlist” link on the top left of the window to see all the tracks.

It’s seriously some good stuff.

Ear Nuggets - Nigh Vale The Weather


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