And they’re off. Leaked yesterday (/lineup? Maybe it was on purpose to make us happy.) the first round of the All Good Music Festival was officially announced today.

Right off the bat, Primus, moe. and Cake. If history repeats itself, a large EDM act will be booked for that super duper late-night teeth-grinding crowd which would be just fine in my book. One huge EDM act in a sea of noodlier acts brings around one of the easier festival crowds to get along with, and makes it easier to appreciate some late night wubs (lookin’ at you, EF.) Cake is an interesting addition, not really a staple of the festival circuit, and is one of the bands I’ll be checking out out of pure curiosity (and because I freaking love their music.)

The first of two gems that caught my eye is Balkan Beat Box, a Gogol Bordello-like gypsy/techno/world music inspired band that honestly came out of left field on this festival lineup, so hell yeah.

The second are Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. These guys are hella fun and hella good. This is a daytime set, but has the energy of something that happens after midnight.

The folks over at All Good have a knack for putting together lineups that create a coherent festival, but with one of the wider ranges of music styles while keeping the crowd happy. So far it’s a great mix of big name artists I know I want to check out, like Primus, STS9 and Lotus, and then a mix of bands who I didn’t know I wanted to see but now do, like Cake. And of course the crunchy festival staples like Darkstar Orchestra, Greensky Bluegrass and Keller Williams.

While it may seem annoying to some, the “no overlapping sets” setup of All Good makes the whole experience a lot less stressful and the music selection feels a lot more intentional. They’re not trying to pull together every single band out of a certain genre, but create an appealing line-up for people who maybe have more than one particular type of show or type of music they enjoy. The music generally pairs chill daytime sets to energetic nighttime partying, not always biggest headliner last and smallest bands first so there’s a reason to post up by the stage(s) the entire day.

Also, no running back and forth between stages, no freaking out about who you have to miss, and most of the time your drunkass friends are exactly where you left them. Maybe I’m just a lazy festival-goer.


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