This was kind of a week of Playlists for me. I found a lot of awesome lists on Spotify that I got really into and would love to share some with you.


Anna and I had some fun last week putting together a Spotify playlist to celebrate some Twitter growth. We each picked 50 songs (I can’t speak for her, but my 50 was hastily picked. I don’t really regret any picks, just that I didn’t have more.) and threw together a playlist of 100 tracks for our 100 followers. Well we’ve more than doubled since then and we’re planning out that playlist. But honestly, this isn’t really just a shameless plug. I played the hell out of this playlist last week. Interesting and eclectic don’t even begin to describe it. Check it out here. (Oh and follow us on Twitter & Spotify. I wanna make all the playlists.)



I’ve been watching lots of Sons of Anarchy lately. I’m in the beginning of season 3 and OH MY GOD ARE WE EVER GOING TO FIND JAX’S SON!?! Sorry. *ahem* Anyway…

My girlfriend won’t let me do anything that I want to do in imitation of the show. No motorcycle. No giant back tattoos of a fictional gang. No drug, gun or women trafficking. Basically, no fun at all. But I was lucky enough to come across this playlist of music from the show. If you’ve watched the show, you know the music is one of the staples. All the classic/outlaw rock and ballads you could ask for. Check it out here and browse around other SAMCRO playlists.



Electric Forest dropped one of the most disgusting (in a good way) lineups I’ve ever seen. The E Forest reddit moderators were quick to curate a playlist for us. I’ll say no more because you must listen now. Oh, and you can check out the lineup if you want, but the festival is 100% completely sold out. So good luck trying to find ticket giveaways. And check out on the off chance someone sells their pass for face value. But seriously… Lorin, Skrilly & Kaskade. Oh… and Cheese. Holy hell. Those molly’d out tank topped bros don’t deserve that lineup at all.



Last but not least – I’d be lying if I said one of my favorite discoveries of the last couple weeks was a playlist someone made that’s basically the soundtrack of my middle school years. I’ve died and gone to Pop Punk heaven. Here it is… The Best of Drive Thru Records. Scream with me, emo kids. Because your parents will never understand you and girls will never like you. Out of song ideas? Oh right, also, growing up sucks.

That last one is true though.

And that’s what was in my ears last week.


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