I love finding local festivals, and the Magic Beans’ Beanstalk Music and Mountains Festival was my favorite find at 2am last night. Of course super close on-site camping is all sold out, but tickets are still available and when you’re surrounded by mountains any place is a camping place.

The initial lineup announcement includes The Magic Beans, a JRAD/Disco Biscuits/American Babies mashup called Hollywood Nights (uh yeah, Dead Biscuit Babies,) Iron Horse, The Main Squeeze, Juno What!?, Kitchen Dwellers, Vine Street Vibes, American Babies and more to come. And Kyle Hollingsworth Band ft. Michael Kang, because the Cheese guys are more than just the Cheese guys and if you spend more than a month in Colorado you’ll find them noodling around the state at every opportunity possible… and we love it.

For those interest in drinking in the mountains to some solid music, the festival is May 29-31st, with tickets available here.

Another headliner is set to be announced 2/17, so keep your eyes peeled.

Update: JRAD is headlining, some excited squealing did happen.

And even thought it’s not part of the tour from a few years back, I hope against all hope that someone still has some of the Flick the Bean stickers floating around.

Ear Nuggets - earnuggets - Beanstalk Lineup


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