The trio DRKWAV, made up of Adam Deitch (Lettuce, Soulive, Break Science & literally every other band ever), John Medeski (Medeski Martin & Wood, and The Word), and Skerik (Primus) have seemingly completed initial production on their album “The Purge.” Track listings have previously been posted but from what we can tell from the video, mixing and mastering and other alliterative m words need to be completed, which takes money. $6,500 worth of money, apparently.

Don’t worry, you’re not just throwing your money away. There are some pretty cool rewards for contributing to the kickstarter like downlodas, vinyls, exclusive posters, stickers, private lessons from the guys, and even a private show… provided you have 10 G’s to throw at them. (Any Powerball winners happen to be big jam fans?)

Hey they’re on tour, too.

February 27 – Boston, MA – Regattabar
February 28 – Portland, ME – Asylum
March 5 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl
March 6 – Ardmore, PA – Ardmore Music Hall!!!!!
March 7 – Washington, DC – The Hamilton
March 12 – Ft. Collins, CO – Aggie Theatre
March 13 & 14 – Denver, CO – Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom
April 27 – New Orleans, LA – Maison

Click here to check out their kickstarter video below and click here to donate.

And here’s their track “DRKWAV”…

And another one called “Scars”


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