Wagon Christ
Wagon Christ, also known as Luke Vibert, Plug, and a few other names depending on the project, has been popping up in my music rotation more and more. Although it doesn’t seem like he actively puts out music under Wagon Christ (the most recent is from around 2011) this is a good introduction to his style. A quick peek around the internet, it’s pretty easy to fall down the rabbit hole of collecting his original music and remixes. We’ll start with what’s on Spotify.

Younger Brother
Another no-longer active band is Younger Brother. A Simon Posford, Benji Vaughan and Ruu Campbell side project, they have gone dark as of a year or two ago but their music still lives online on Spotify,


The only active band (group? couple of guys?) on my list, and one of my favorite music-making groups of people by a long shot.

And if you’ve made it down this far, here’s a quick video of the Shpongle band from their 2014 Red Rocks shows, complete with Raja Ram the man himself. (As with all dude-with-a-phone videos, please pardon the wobbles.) That smoke? Definitely not weed. More often touring as Shpongletron, this was the only US show done with a 12 piece full band that year.



    1. We were so exited (and really surprised) to find Wagon Christ on Spotify, maybe that means a compilation in the future? 😦 Bummer about the hard drive – before google drive that was a nightmare scenario.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have so many Google accounts, all of them using Drive and all of them overflowing because i store so much stuff on them. LOL. I’m the ultimate hoarder. I have a problem. And Luke Vibert is part of it.


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