Let’s jump right into it.


No, I did not watch the Grammy’s Sunday night. In fact, I’m typing this right now, during the Grammy’s, and in spite of my timeline blowing up because of Rihanna and Sam Smith and who gives a damn, I will not watch the awards show. The show is garbage. The awards mean nothing. I see nothing I like and they discuss nothing I like. Am I elitist? Not really, I just don’t like wasting my time.

You’re going to honor the best music has to offer by having LL damn Cool J host?


ANYWAY. The theme of this past week of listening, for me, seemed to be artists I know I should listen to more, but, for whatever reason, I just haven’t given them a listen yet.

We’ll start with Umphrey’s McGee.


There’s really no reason I haven’t listened to them much. I hear great things. I just… haven’t. But this song came across my Pandora this week and I’ve been listening to it over and over. Check out “End of the Road” by Umphrey’s Mcgee on their Spotify here. (By the way, if anyone is wondering, the station this song came on was my “Ocean” by John Butler Trio station.)

Here’s another artist I’m told I would really like and should listen to, Bonobo.


I really wasn’t familiar with the UK producer (real name Simon Green) until I saw him perform with his live band at The Hudson Project, but, as everyone said I would be, I was impressed. Since then, sadly, I’ve fallen off and haven’t really given him much play. This will change soon. Especially since I recently came across his album ‘Black Sands’ because his track “Kiara” came up on my Odesza Pandora radio. Thanks Pandora. Check out “Kiara” here. And “Kong” while you’re at it.

To be honest, I’m a huge fan of Ben Folds and I’ve listened to him plenty in my life.


I just haven’t listened to him much lately. Then something made me think of this track, “There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You.” It’s a pretty phenomenal song and I can’t help but want to dance around and sing along. Sorry not sorry. Check it out, here.

City Rain is a Philly group (duo?) that’s been real up and coming the last couple years.


They’re a group that comes on my headphones every now and then and I really enjoy what I hear and think, “Man, I should listen to this more.” And then I never do because I’m a jack ass. Well… Check out “The Optimist,” arguably their biggest hit thus far.

Finally, I come to Krooked Drivers.


A Super Best duo that simply does not get enough time in my ear. This track only came across my desk because it’s a Marvel Years remix. Marvel Years has been getting a decent amount of airtime in my headphones and with his remix of “Drift Away Days,” he reminds me that Krooked Drivers deserves more of my attention. Enjoy!


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