Werkout, the Werks‘ annual festival held in Legend Valley recently announce their first round of artists. The tickets are dirt cheap right now, only $99, and even if they didn’t announce any more bands I’d still buy the pass in a heartbeat. Lettuce is always a blast, and Dopapod and Papadosio (Dopadosio) along with the Werks attract one of my favorite crowds of concertgoers. Professional partiers who make you seriously question your life choices when the sun’s out, but fun enough to suck you into the festivities night after night. On top of that, Legend Valley is a phenomenal camping and party spot with a ton of history. If you’re into feeling the vibes of a place, you can be sure a lot of people have had a lot of fun on those acres.

werkout lineupNow, notice the super secret fourth headliner. I’m going to bet the internet that it’s going to be Lotus. The other rumor is that the mystery band is Umphrey’s McGee, but as you can see by the blurry spot it’s pretty obvious that there’s no way the band name would fit on the bill.


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