As of right now, no one actually has a ticket, or a confirmation of a ticket for the Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of Grateful Dead shows. So why are tickets popping up in a range of stupid prices on StubHub as for sale? Scalpers are posting tickets to see who bites and at what price range. So if they list tickets between $2k and $50k, and the clicks stop at $10k the second that the resellers have an actual ticket in their hand you can be sure they won’t be listed below the $10k price.

This is an unfortunate part of the ticket sale and resale industry, but what you’re seeing is the resale industry figuring out how much they’re going to pay to purchase a ticket, and how much they can potentially expect to get for them. (And from the looks of it, it’ll be a lot. The current range of listed nonexistent tickets is $2k to almost $60k.)

At best, this interest in StubHub tickets is encouraging resale of tickets for absurd prices, and at worst someone’s going to actually buy one of these nonexistent tickets.



  1. Scalpers are a scummy very ugly and nasty side to the mainly good that capitalism carries in its wake… Like the criminals who run those weekly rentals of furniture/electronics– or those scumbags who cash checks or “forward” some green in exchange for next paycheck- all at interest rates like 100% in one freaking week. They just prey on those already struggling to maintain satisfaction. But– these scalper criminals flood systems to buy huge amounts of tix at face value- then (or now they have ads up NOW!) when obtained, they all (collectively, as a group) mark-up those (say $100 tix) to $500, $2000, $5000…?
    These people belong in prison.


    1. It’s why we’re big fans of organizations like Cash or Trade. Half of the problem are the scalpers, but we also have to consider people who are willing and able to pay these prices. Setting up a system that competes by providing fair pricing and taking away that resale profit hopefully works out in the long run.

      All hair Cash or Trade!


    1. 😦 wish we could forget them. I’d almost rather have them purchase from individuals selling for a profit over an organized ticket reseller. Minor difference, but then we can blame San Francisco instead of a business meeting a demand.


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