Okay… a few things here that I’ll list like a lazy Thought Catalog “writer”:

1. John Mayer looks great. No homo. Okay a little homo. Doesn’t matter. Anyway, I know he’s had his share of health problems (probably physical as well as mental), but he’s lookin’ good these days. When will he tour again?

2. While he looks great, what is John doing loosening his tie but not unbuttoning that top button? C’mon man.

3. I love you, Bob, but I’d actually be curious to hear a version of Truckin’ with only John on vocals.

4. Bob actually looks pretty good, as well. For a guy who’s aged like a banana ripens and has had to cancel a ton of performances lately for various health issues, he looks spry. And that’s even through HD.

5. John Mayer is hosting a late night talk show? WTF? When did this happen?

6. WTF is the Late Late show??

7. Althea is a beautiful song and while parts of it were a little loose (I’m sure they didn’t have too much rehearsal time) they did a great job with it. But Truckin’? I mean… merrrr. Whatever.

8. Every time I go to write Bob Weir, my fingers go into autopilot and I end up writing Bob Weird. Literally. Every. Time.

Those are all the thoughts I have. These performances are really cool to watch. So do so.


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