One of the coolest discoveries I’ve made since moving to Colorado has been Jaden Carlson. This chick is a phenomenal guitar player who has sat in on stage with bands like Twiddle, the Werks and Umphrey’s McGee (even making an appearance on their Hall of Fame 2013 recording.) Originally from Boulder, she’s a Colorado music staple and absolutely kicks ass as a guitar player, jamming like a professional every time she hits the stage. While I’m not surprised by her talent, what is curious is how she found time to master the guitar before the age of 13 (yup – she wasn’t even born in the 90s.) In 2010 she opened for Michael Franti at the Power to the Peaceful Festival in San Francisco at the same age as when I mastered making a sandwich.

In all seriousness, keep an eye on Jaden and her projects. It’s not that she’s good for a 13 year old, she’s just good.


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