First time I heard of Devil Makes Three was at one of the All Good Festivals, during a Sunday daytime set while I was glued into a hammock and going nowhere, and they were the perfect music to compliment my brain slowly leaking out. This was a few years back, and I’ve been pretty consistently missing them year after year after year either because they were opening for a band I didn’t care to see, or because like a dumbass I assumed they wouldn’t sell out at smaller venues on their own. I also vaguely remember the sleeping through one of their sets… at some festival in the Midwest. The disappointment stuck around, but the particulars didn’t.

Anyway, these guys are great. Their style is very very consistent, but they’re great at what they do. And what they do is bluegrass drunken singalong bar songs so it’s hard not to get caught up and enjoy them.

This video is great for its sound quality, and it’s hard to stand still when someone’s telling you in no uncertain terms to go get fucked up.

Well most things that I know, I didn’t learn in class.
The road don’t go forever, so ride it while it lasts.
If you’re gonna raise a ruckus, one word of advice,
if you’re gonna do wrong buddy do wrong right.

They also have songs on the downside of alcoholism.

Another band that made my day by listing their music on Spotify (and Pandora if you’re into that) is Broccoli Samurai. Ohio, and the Midwest in general, is a breeding ground for my favorite flavor of Lotus Noodles +STS9 Spaceyness – Sobriety jamband. These guys already have a leg up on most smaller jambands by not sucking at being recorded. Start with “Be Creative to Yourself” if you feel like grooving in your chair.

And last but not least, the Floozies‘ “Jambox” off their newly released “Do Your Thing” album has been on repeat every morning for the past week. These guys are also on my, “Just missed” list but what can you do.


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