I don’t like iHeartRadio and I don’t know what the hell Evolution Radio is so sue. What I do know is that Kennedy Jones just released whatever mix he just did for them.

I don’t know too many die-hard Kennedy Jones fans. No one is going around saying he’s the best thing since sliced bread, probably because he’s not a social media dick-eater like the rest of the DJ Mag Top 100, but I personally enjoy his sets very much and made a point to see his set at Moonrise Festival this past summer. He had a horrible time slot on a horrible stage. I think he was on at like 4 pm or something at the smallest of four stages. He didn’t have much of a draw, but he brought it. He mixes everything – dub step, hip hop, techno, trap, and of course Bon Jovi and Drop Kick Murphy’s. He’s just a fun DJ if you’re a music fan and not a genre snob.

Just listen to the mix below.

He’s playing the Electric Factory in Philly on Saturday night as support for Datsik. I’ll be honest.. I’m pretty much going for Kennedy Jones. And if he knows what’s good for him he’ll play some Bon Jovi because Philly is about as close to Jersey as you can get without getting the stench on you.

Check out the stream here and give it a click for the free, LEGAL download.

– Mike


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