Yesterday, Anna wrote a piece on Red Rocks that did nothing but make me more excited for my trip out to Colorado this summer. A good friend of mine is getting married and I’ll be damned if I’m going to fly out to Denver just for the wedding. Hell no. I’m going to spend almost a week there and take it all in.

You better believe, as a music fan, the first thing I did after booking my flights was check the Red Rocks concert calendar. Honestly, I wasn’t looking for anyone in particular. I don’t need to see one of my favorite artists at this famous, natural amphitheater. I just want to see something decent. Frankly, yes, I’ll be there for a concert, but I’ll mainly be there because Red Rocks is the epitome of Destination Venue. I just have to go.

Upon checking the calendar a month or so ago, I saw that they have absolutely nothing planned for the time I’ll be out there (Last full week in June). No biggie. It’s several months away, after all. I signed up for the newsletter figuring that much like my favorite venues here in Philly, when a new artist gets put on the schedule, they’ll send out an email.

My assumption has been correct, and that’s exactly what they do. But I’ve run into a problem…RRemails

That is a screenshot from my inbox search of “Red Rocks.”

As you can see, when I receive a new email from Red Rocks, I can see the artist being announced in the subject line, but I cannot see the date. This means every time I get an announcement, and I see it’s someone like, oh, say, Cage the Elephant, The Disco Biscuits, or The Decemberists, I get excited. Hopeful. Maybe… just maybe… I’ll get to see them at Red Rocks. But always disappointment.

Conversely, I’ll get emails announcing artists like, oh, say, Nickelback. And I’ll panic. Like a call from your Doctor. Please. Please no. If there’s a just and loving God, I say, you won’t schedule this while I’m out there.

Sure enough… nothing, yet.

There are currently zero shows scheduled at Red Rocks during my stay. Save for a 7 am Red Rocks Fitness Challenge on Saturday the 27th, which I will sure as hell not be participating in as it’s the morning after the wedding, there are no events for me to attend.

That’s fine. I have faith. We still have plenty of time. There will be shows. I will go to one. Or I won’t, and I’ll go on my own just to site see. Either way, I couldn’t be more excited to see all the Centennial State (Yeah I had to look that one up) has to offer.

– Mike



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