Electro-funk is more than just a fun thing to say, it’s just a fun thing. There have already been articles written on the EDM bubble bursting into little niche sub-genre electronic communities so I won’t go too deep into it other than to say that’s exactly what is happening and it will continue to happen. It’s like the big bang. BOOM one thing explodes and then fractions off into little communities and then there’s going to be one huge boom again and that’ll fraction off again and repetition etc. you get the point.

Well here’s some funky electronic music for you from the Hill brothers out of Kansas. The Floozies’ new album “Do Your Thing” is available for FREE download today via this link or you can check it out on Spotify below.

The album represents the first (I think) full release from Griz’s new label, All Good Records. Between The Floozies & Doomtree I’m starting to think the Midwest is where it’s at these days.


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