Michal Menert had quite the 2014 and he’s capping it off with re-releasing his ‘Elements’ EP – remastered in higher quality – on his new label, Super Best Records.

I gush about Menert often, so I’ll just let you read what he had to say about this studio effort:

Elements is a tribute to alchemy, the transformation of matter. I always believed that sampling has the potential to transform a dusty, forgotten moment into a vibrant landscape of fantastic impossibilities. Music has an alchemic property, transforming silence into song, nothing into something. I chose Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, the four basic element of alchemy, as seeds for these songs.
The first, Slivers of Light, represents fire, the sun, and the light given by both. Your Ghost, a song dedicated to the memory of my father Tadeusz Menert, signifies the element of air, and the unseen spirits therein. Eventide’s two parts embody the duality of water: Part 1 is the turbulent high tide, water’s destructive powers, crashing along the shores into Part 2, which sweeps through the lifegiving and cleansing properties, a low tide of sorts. The album closes with Quiet Earth, a song for my mother, Jolanta, as well as the earth that we chisel away at as a species. This song begins with the noise of humanity, with a lone voice cry out “Do you see, just what you mean to me” until the commotion calms, signifying the end of us, a finality, a quiet earth.
I hope you enjoy what I consider my favorite work so far, remastered and released as a whole, digitally, for the first time ever.

Produced by Michal Menert (except Quiet Earth, produced by Michal Menert and Mux Mool)
Mixed and Mastered by Schollaships
Artwork by Garret Meyer

The EP is a pretty good place to start if you’re new to Menert. Then check out the rest of his tunes. And as always, they are free, but I encourage a donation in the Holiday spirit.


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