Red Frog Presents (The company responsible for Firefly Music Festival) and whoever is responsible for Stagecoach Festival (California’s premiere Country Music Festival) are joining forces to bring Big Barrel Country Music Festival to Dover, Delaware.

The festival will feature headliners Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, and Carrie Underwood and is scheduled to be on the same grounds as Firefly the weekend immediately following Firefly. Anyone who has been to Firefly knows how dusty the place gets by Sunday so it’ll be interesting to see how the grounds hold up.

I’m trying to be positive so… I guess that’s all I’ll say. I know that some people who follow this blog enjoy country music so I figured I’d share the news. I, however, will be nowhere near this festival. But hey, whatever makes your toe tap. I’m sure if you’re into that kinda thing it’ll be a great time so, enjoy!

Actually… I’ll say this. Though I am admittedly not a country music fan, I would not mind if an eclectic, mainstream festival like Firefly were to book a major country music act. Depending on scheduling conflicts, I wouldn’t mind checking out the performance. I just definitely wouldn’t want a whole weekend of it.

And to be fair – I’ve done a whole weekend of just electronic music too, of which I am a fan, and I wouldn’t want to do that again either.


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