NPR Music released their year-end Favorite Songs of 2014 list today in the coolest possible fashion. Before I give you the link though – let’s talk about how they didn’t call the list “Best Songs” but instead their “Favorite Songs.” Good move. I’m tired of people claiming shit to be “The Best.” The quality of art is subjected. Say you like it, say it’s your favorite – I don’t care. Just don’t say it’s “The Best,” or you’re probably kind of a tool and I’m going to tell you to prove it.

ANYWAY – Check out this link right here that you’re reading seriously this one click this word right NOW or NOW or THIS ONE or ANY OF THE WORDS IN THIS SENTENCE to go to NPR Music’s super cool online app playlist thing that takes you through a shuffled list of their favorite songs of 2014.

And here’s a much less cool but still pretty cool site page that lists the songs by genre.


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