I have mixed feelings about Buzzfeed – unless I’m wondering which Mean Girls character is my spirit animal (Ms. Norbury… obviously) – but they have some decent lists, and thanks to our friends at Spotify (Follow me by clicking this here link!) we now have predictions for 18 breakout artists for next year.

I’m familiar with some, but not most so that’s pretty much what I’ll be doing this week.

Only a handful of these artists currently have scheduled visits to the Philly area:

Misterwives & BORNS @ Union Transfer on 2/26

Catfish and the Bottlemen @ Milkboy Philly on 3/6 and

George Ezra @ The Trocadero on 3/26.

All can be found on the constantly updated Upcoming Shows page.

Check out the Buzzfeed list here, check out the Spotify playlist below and leave any comments but remember no one really cares what you think. Or what I think, for that matter. God, what is the meaning of life? Why are we even here?



PS – The name “Ezra” appears twice in this list. All of you are goddamn hipsters.

PPS – This reminds me… I really gotta make a year end list or something.


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