No – but really – I’m always swamped on Mondays but I wanted to keep you abreast (ha) of what I’m working on.

1. I found a link to like 40 live Bassnectar sets available for download.

2. Jack U did a Triple J mix with a bunch of other DJs last week and it’s three hours long and it was on BBC but I found a download link. (reddit rocks sometimes)

3. The Grammy Awards are dumb and stupid and dumb and you shouldn’t care about them unless someone who doesn’t suck is performing but the chances of that are not high at this time.

4. Taylor Swift is attractive and I can’t get her songs out of my head but her ticket prices are sickening.

5. I’ll be at Flosstradamus Thursday night at the Electric Factory and it will be ratchet.

6. I’ll be at Marco Benevento Saturday night at Johnny Brenda’s and it will be significantly less ratchet but much crunchier.


That’s what I got for now. Stay tuned. Hope everyone’s weekend was splendid and that this week brings them joy happiness and Christmas cookies.


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