Perfect. Live albums are brilliant. Good music is better experienced live than through a studio recording so being able to capture that energy in an album is exciting. My first live album? ‘Mark, Tom & Travis Show’ from Blink-182. Actually maybe it was ‘At The Show’ from MXPX? Doesn’t matter. Live albums are great. And there’s a lot to be said about the changes going on in the music industry – changes that have seen revenue from studio record sales plummet but live music attendance rising (23% in 2013 alone, according to Billboard). Why more bands (And DJ’s, really) aren’t putting out more live recordings is strange to me. Seems like an obvious revenue stream and marketing opportunity, but hey, what do I know?

Hmm… Maybe I’ll make a list of my personal favorite live albums? Maybe. One day. Not now though.

For now enjoy the trailer Dr. Dog released the other day (that I somehow missed until today) announcing ‘Live At A Flamingo Hotel,’ due out January 13. Dr. Dog played at The Hudson Project before it all went to hell in a mud-caked hand-basket and, even though the audience probably wasn’t their ideal target market, they were incredible. This should be on your list for 2015 for sure.



PS if you’re all like who is Dr. Dog – This is Dr. Dog with “Lonesome”:




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