The independent hip-hop collective, Doomtree from the Mid-West announced a 2015 tour. This is good news. The tour stops in Philly. This is great news for me. They also announced a new album. This is fantastic news for everyone.

The album, ‘All Hands’ will be released January 27, it looks like, and the tour kicks off the following week, February 2, and runs through mid-March.

Also, can we note that 2/12 they’re in North Carolina, 2/13 in Philly, and 2/14 they’re in Washington, D.C.? Take a hot second and look at a map. I’ll wait.


Back? Okay. Seriously? Way to go booking/management. Nailed it.


Anyway – Check out their first single off the new album, “Gray Duck,” below. I really try avoid using the word “banger” but… well… Yeah it pretty much is.



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